Thursday, February 17, 2011

I worked on a few new pieces that were hung for the month of DEC at UPRISE skate shop
and these are the pieces!!!!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Revolution Tattoo hosted a show of thirty artist,
on OCT 28th that ran till NOV 27th the show consisted of tattoo, METAL, and just good times and this is the piece I contributed to the event ("GOD DAMMIT" 25x 22)

some roses!!! and a head study mixed with my own studies
(red rose 4x6, head study model Danae Ayala 14x20)

One of my favorite shows was towards the end of summer with a good friend and fellow artist(Jourdon Gullett), at a local bar called Division ST. Bar. Event "CLOUDED IN GOLD" good friends,times,art and if you missed it I am sorry but you really missed out and to everyone that was a part of it i thank you.
(a few photos)

Moving ahead to more recent work, I was part of a event that revolved around the film " the last unicorn", if you are not fimilar with the film look into it you wont be disappointed. This is the point at which i no longer frame my watercolors the traditional way. My works are now mounted to wood, coated and each have custom frames.("the whore inside" 17x27)

Once I flew out to LA with my beautiful friends to check out the opening of "Forgoten Saints", a show one of my pieces was in. The show concept was make a fictional saint/story.
("wings of redemption" 30x42 w. frame)

(I was not part of the design of these fliers)
Can you guess what two paintings (below) were in which of these two shows?